The first step restorers take after a flood or fire is to ensure safety. Emergency official-like firefighters or emergency response officers must clear a building for safety before any restoration can begin. Even when the water has cleared or the fire is out, damaged areas can collapse, creating the potential for injury. No one should re-enter a building until the professionals have confirmed its safety.

Fire and soot

Soot results from fire and smoke and creates an oily stain on textiles and surfaces. Water used in cleaning attempts can help the soot stains sink deeper into the surfaces, so restorers must clean the soot away first. For soot stains on solid surfaces, restorers generally use chemical sponges and chemicals like paint thinner to prevent the stains from sinking deeper into the surface.

Smoke odor

The odor of smoke can linger on textiles and clothing long after other restoration is complete. Depending on the extent of smoke exposure, regular cleaning efforts may not be enough to remove the smell.

Other techniques for smoke molecules in the aire

Professional restoration techniques may also include larger restoration processes. For instance, in severely smoke-damaged cases, restorers will use ozone treatments to destroy smoke molecules in the air. This usually involves smoke-damaged materials or areas being concealed in protective tents while an ozone generator / hydroxyl treatment / air scrubber works to destroy smoke.

What Our Clients Say

Karen Anne Finlay from 1279 St. Patrick Street – emailed to Smartway on Jun 29, 2023

Hi Lucas, I just want to reiterate my appreciation for your handling of my recent floor and drywall restoration. Your diligence, organizations skills, thoroughness, attention to detail, general professionalism, and obliging, cooperative spirit all made the process go as smoothly as I could have hoped. Thank you. I wish you a great summer, Anne


Excellent company to deal with Eric the owner is and was great . Thanks again smartway

Paige Phillips

My experience with Smartway Restoration was fantastic. Sara was a delight to work with. She was efficient and professional. The timeliness to attend to the situation was fast and there communications to all parties involved was consistent and great. I would highly recommend using this company.

Denise Gaudreault

Smartway Renovation is the very best at every steps of the renovation process. My whole basement was flooded, Eric arrived the same day and co-ordinate everything. The staff was efficient, professional friendly and understanding of the stress we were going thru. No hesitation to recommend Smartway....

Rubyn & Nathan from #14-279 Wale Road – Christmas Card:

Thank you & Happy Holidays to the whole Smartway Team! Wishing you all the wonder and joy the season can bring! The work you all did in our home looks incredible and the kindness from every team member shone through ! Much appreciated!

Liz Saunders

Excellent work and very professional. The attention to detail was excellent. They arrived when they said they would, completed the job in the time allotted, were tidy, professional and did great work. So happy with the results. Would and will use again.

Heather Braun

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Smartway Restoration for coming to my rescue after my condo was flooded back in November last year. From the moment Gerard Aust and his wonderful crew showed up they were the heroes that put me at ease and reassured me that all would be taken care of. It is hard to find words to really say what their care and support has meant to me. Gerard has always been patient, reassuring and responsive to all my questions and taken every burden from my shoulders. And the team has done an awesome job throughout this whole process. So thank you Smartway. Thank you Gerard and thank you to the team who truly restored my home. 💜 I am forever grateful, and I highly recommend Smartway Restoration! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

P.K., Homeowner

Thanks to all the Smartway crew for your help with our flood! xo

The A’s, Homeowners

Thank you for the awesome job you did for us. You have a wonderful approach to life! Thanks again.

M.M., Homeowner

Thank you all very much! Thank you for the awesome job you did for us. You have a wonderful approach to life! Thanks again.

A.C. & B.C., Homeowners

Thank you all very much for the great service and work done at our house.

Customer, Homeowner

Please note it was a pleasure dealing with your company during such a stressful time in our lives. Thanks Eric, and all the employees who came to complete the assigned duties here!