Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 pm. After hours, calls are forwarded to our project manager on call. Our Emergency hours are 24/7

We have been in the business for 14 years. Smartway Restoration Ltd. has developed a solid reputation with most major insurance companies and property management firms in, on, and around Vancouver Island serving as far North as Duncan.

Initially, your insurance company dispatches Smartway Restoration Ltd. to attend to your emergency in order to mitigate damages and provide assistance when most needed. Next, Smartway Restoration Ltd. prepares a scope of work that is needed to repair the property damage and our scheduling team goes to work dispatching our trade’s people.

This can only be answered by your insurance company’s representative. Smartway Restoration Ltd. does not interpret insurance policies or provide comment on coverage issues. The insurance adjuster assigned to your claim provides clarity on policy coverage and any other questions you may have.

On arrival at your property and before commencing any repair work, you will be presented with an “authorization form,” which you must sign. This document provides Smartway Restoration Ltd. with the authority to be on your property and address issues such as payment of your deductible, responsibility for costs that may not be covered by your insurance company and compliance with the Privacy Act.

This will depend on the severity and extent of the damage. In most cases, an estimate will be created within five to ten (5-10) days after the Emergency portion is completed.

Absolutely, Smartway Restoration Ltd. is experienced with all types of losses such as fire, water, sewer, hail and wind, as well as mould and asbestos remediation.

Most insurance policies have a deductible amount which the policy holder is responsible to pay.

The deductible payment is required after the repair work is finished and will be sent to you in the mail along with a “completion form” which is to be signed and returned so as to report to Insurance that; yes the job is finished, and yes the client is happy.

The deductible is paid directly to Smartway Restoration Ltd. Our billing to your insurance company is reduced by this amount.

You are responsible for the GST on your claim if you are “GST registered.” In other words, if the property is insured under a company name and the company is GST registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Typically, structural drying takes about three (3) days however; in some instances it can take up to 5 days.

Depending on the type of water loss, carpets can be saved if dried and treated in a reasonable amount of time. Better assessment of the damage can be made after the drying procedure is complete.

If your insurance policy provides coverage for your contents and they are damaged beyond repair due to catastrophe, your Insurance adjuster will direct Smartway Restoration Ltd. to provide a list all non-restorable items, which is used to calculate your final settlement.

We employ both permanent staff and subcontractors. All of our crews are licensed and insured.

We make every effort to ensure that the products used are of similar quality as those being replaced.

Absolutely, upgraded materials are generally available at your request. Upgrades are usually not covered by your Insurance company.

Is it possible to have Smartway or my own contractor complete this additional work?

Yes, Smartway Restoration Ltd. can certainly provide an estimate on your additional repairs if it is requested early enough in the process and the work can be completed in conjunction with the restoration project.

Unfortunately, due to liability issues another contractor is not allowed to perform work on the same site and while the restoration project is underway without the expressed permission of Smartway Restoration Ltd.


Smartway Restoration Ltd. makes every effort to be “Green,” and so, all materials are disposed of in the most environmentally effective method possible.

Yes, we inspect most projects on completion or at critical intervals.

At the point of completion, you will be asked to sign a certificate which certifies that all repairs were completed to your satisfaction. This document is required by Smartway Restoration Ltd. as well as your insurance company prior to closing the file.

Yes, manufacturer’s warranty documentation is available on request at the completion of your project. In addition, Smartway Restoration Ltd. provides a one (1) year warranty on all workmanship.